Sunday, April 20, 2008

Impressionist Minimalist Seascape Daily Painting

Impressionist Minimalist Seascape Daily Painting, painting by Jan Blencowe

About This Painting:
Title: The Point

Media: acrylic
Size: 18 in X 18 in (45.7 cm X 45.7 cm)

Price: $625, + $20 s/h in the USA

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How to Purchase: Currently in a gallery show
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Shane said...

One of the best impressionist seacape that I have see...I just love it....minimalist and impressionist wraped into one..I am so happy to have find this...
I was just about to give up with my art, because I thought impressionist was DEAD..Ohh was I so wrong

Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Shane,

Thanks for visiting. Never give up!! Impressionism is most definitely NOT dead. While birthed from and similar to it's elder cousin French Impressionism, American Impressionism has had a long and venerable history over the last 120 years or so, being very adaptable and transforming itself into a number of contemporary impressionist styles, and lending itself to a number of intersting combinations of styles. In one essential it remains true to Monet's Impression Sunrise the seminal work of Impressionism, it seeks to communicate to the viewer the impression of reality through light and color not detail. hence a marriage to minimalism is an easy affair. Hold on to your hat, because there are 2 more in this impressionist/minimalist series which will be posted in the next two days.

Thanks again for the comments, and keep painting!