Monday, March 31, 2008

Pet Portrait Commissions

Australian Shepherd, oil, 8x10, commission, SOLD

Border Collie, oil, 11x14, Private collection

Black & White Springer Spaniel, oil, 8x10, available, $250

Golden Retriever, oil, 8x10, available, $250

Yorkie, oil, 8x10, available $250

Golden Puppy, oil, 8x10, available $250

Here's another side to my work, pet portraits. As you can see I paint dogs mostly, though I'm perfectly amiable to painting other types of critters. The first one, the Australian Shepherd Polly is my most recent commission. The Border Collie is my own dog, Maggie. I painted that very shortly after we adopted her from the shelter, and I'm so glad I did. When our previous two dogs Chip and Dale crossed the Rainbow Bridge just about a year apart, at ages 14 and 15, I was heartbroken, but Iwas very glad that I had several sketchbooks filled with them and and a pastel of each. So as soon as we got Maggie I knew I wanted to capture her forever on canvas.

The other paintings are ones that I use as examples for customers to see, but if you see your favorite breed here and would like to purchase it, that's fine too.

If you'd like to commission a pet portrait, I just need you to e-mail me a color photo of your pet. An 8x10 is $250, unframed, 11x14 $385. E-mail me for the prices on larger sizes.

Below are paintings of my rabbit, Rosie, the second one I sold to someone who absolutely fell in love with it when they saw it on my blog. Rabbits get nervous when you stare at them (these were painted from life) so that's why we've got the "butt end" facing us LOL

Rosie, 6x8, oil, Private Collection

Wrong Way Wabbit, oil, 6x8, SOLD

I also like painting birds of prey, here are two examples of eagles.

Eagle Watching, oil, 16x20, SOLD

Sunset Eagle, 14x18, oil, $550

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