Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SOLD _Follow Me Impressionist Landscape Painting

Follow Me
Follow Me, painting by Jan Blencowe


About This Painting: Number 4 out of 6 of my new large square format series. This series is reserved for a show in Feb. I am accepting pre-show sales, if you are interested e-mail me for details.
Media: acrylic
Size: 30x30


Question the beautiful earth; question the beautiful sea; question the beautiful air, spread thinly over all the earth; question the beautiful heavens; question the arrangement of the constellations; question the sun brightening the day with its shining; question the moon, lessening with its splendour the darkness of the following night; question the living creatures that move about in the water, those that stay on land,and those that flit through the air - question al these things and they will all answer:"Look and see! We are beautiful." Their beauty is the sign of their agreement, that nobody could have made these beautiful transitory things, except the unchanging Beauty.

Augustine of Hippo


Top 50 Mini Selection

2nd 50Mini selection

2nd 50 Mini Selection

Hey everyone , I have some good news to share (good thing because today was a disaster of a day LOL). I have just been informed that one of my paintings was selected to represent the state of Connecticut in the Paint America Top 50 Mini Competition and two others were selected for the 2nd 50 Mini category. This is a very interesting competition and I was fortunate enough to have three paintings selected to be part of it last years also. Here's how it works: Large size paintings can be entered into the Paint America Top 100, paintings must represent one of the 50 states. A panel of judges selects 2 pantings to represent each state, thereby creating a collection of 100 paintings that represent America. This collection will travel to galleries all over the country for the next year. There is also a Top 50 Mini category, with one small format painting to represent each state, this collection will also travel around the country for a year. The 2nd 50 Mini category, selects 2 pieces from each state, this collection will be on the website, and in the catalog (I think?) but will not travel with the exhibit. So, last year I had 2 paintings selected in the large size category to represent CT and also a small one in the Top50 Mini. This year I had many more small works and I entered three into the mini category and have had one selected for the Top 50 and 2 others for the second level. Now I have to pack up the painting and send it off to Topeka, KS and it will start its journey across the USA! Check out Paint America here.


Roxanne Steed said...

Hey! Congratulations on the good news!!!

Jan Blencowe said...

Thanks Roxanne!!