Monday, December 17, 2007

Studio Tour & Sale 2007 ~ Welcome! Come on in!

Welcome! Today's the day many of the artists form the Daily Painters Gallery are inviting folks into to their studios for a virtual tour. Come on in and take a look around. Be sure to check out the studio sale at the bottom of the page. This is the main painting area, with easel and taboret, (that's the small table/storage unit to the right). Trash can and throw rug to protect the real rug 'cause I'm a messy painter! Beyond there's a work table with a dry mount press on it that I use to adhere canvas to hardboard or wood panels. This works like a charm and allows me to quickly and economically make custom painting panels in a variety of surfaces. The shelf above the knee wall allows me to display paintings and keep them out of harm's way while they're drying. I do a lot of plein air painting (outside) so my bags stored under the table are always packed and ready to go.

Aaaaah, the fireplace! Well, really a gas stove, but it does a great job keeping me warm and adds a lot of charm and ambience to the room.

The studio is also my sanctuary a place to get away and relax. So I've got a lounge chair, favorite books in easy reach, stereo for tunes and my favorite geranium that came in for the winter. I took these photos in the evening so the shade is down but during the day the window brings in some nice sunlight in the afternoon.

I don't think a studio tour would be complete if I didn't introduce you to Maggie, my border collie and studio mascot. She is responsible for all those hairs I have to tediously remove from wet paintings! Gotta love those ears though!

There's never enough storage in my house and the studio is no exception. However, these nifty baker's racks can hold quite a bit of stuff. Boxes and baskets hold various tools of the trade, paints, varnishes, brushes, pastels, drawing pencils, sketchbooks, paper, etc. Then there's always finished paintings and frames, frames and more frames. There's a small alcove just to the left of the storage shelves as you enter the studio and that's where my desk, laptop, printer and phone are. Just to the left of my easel there's a washroom with a slop sink that makes cleaning up very convienient. While not as grand as some other artists studios, this modest space fits my needs and feels like home to me!

Below I've uploaded a short video/slideshow showing you my studio plus my top 10 favorite daily paintings of 2007!

Studio Tour Holiday Sale

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Strawberry Swirl, oil, 6x8, $60 + $5 s/h

Rows of Sunflowers, oil, 6x8,


Mouse, oil, 6x8, $60 + $5 s/h

Clouds and Coast,oil, 6x8, $60 + $5 s/h

Dahlias in a Glass, oil, 6x8, $60 + $5 s/h Pink Roses, oil, 6x8


Bauer Park Barn, oil, 6x8, $60 + $5s/h

Madison Morning, oil, 6x8


Lake and Pines, oil, 6x8, $60 + $5 s/h

Light Bulb, oil, 6x8 $60 + $5 s/h


Jamie said...

Jan, thanks for the wonderful studio tour. Loved the slide show. Your comment about picking out Maggie's hair from the paintings made me laugh out loud. I pick out feathers, since at least the dog doesn't shed. LOL



Hi Jan,
Nice place, cozy, calm and charming... just like your work.
Congrats and best wishes from a beginner in Brazil.
Luciano Figueiredo
Ah, I couldn't forget, what a lovely dog!

Jan Blencowe said...

Jamie and Luciano....Thanks for visiting. Happy painting in the Newy Year!