Friday, August 10, 2007

My Vacation is Almost Over-SOLD

Bright Morning, 7x9.5, oil
$200, unframed, s/h $5.00
Hello everyone!! Those of you who subscribe to The Painting a Day Project, or visit here often have noticed, I'm sure, that I haven't posted in a while. I will be back to regular posts the week of August 20th. Besides a short break being very refreshing I have been working on paintings and writing a proposal for a state sponsored fellowship grant for visual artists, and working on some larger paintings for a gallery show on Aug. 23rd. If I ever feel that I'm getting too busy and not able to produce quality work on a daily basis, meaning that I'm usually rushing through a painting "just to post it" I prefer to take a break altogether from the dailies. When I return to posting daily I'll be experimenting with some new color theory ideas I've been discussing with some artist friends and perhaps working larger, but I'll make sure that I still do a couple of small works a week because I think art is so important for the soul and I like to make it affordable for as many people as possible to enjoy an original artwork in their home. Also I'd like to mention that in the summer and fall especially I work, en plein air, outdoors a lot, and sometimes I post those here and sometimes there are other larger paintings, musings and poetry at my other blog Art & Life and you are welcome to visit there any time.

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Nancy Merkle said...

Jan--Congratulations--I just read about you and your work in the USA Weekend Magazine! Way to go, Jan.