Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sunflower Farm

Sunflower Farm, 9x12, oil
$300, unframed, Shipping is Free in the US
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I did this painting in late August or early September at a nearby community garden where sunflowers are a popular "crop". It wasn't a bad painting but something about it just didn't sit right with me. After I got home I realized that it was the temperature of the light. It was hot and hazy in the late afternoon, but I didn't quite capture that feel to my satisfaction. As I reflected on the painting I realized that while I had focused on the hazy feel the light in the painting had gone cool. I sat and mused as to why. Then I figured it out. The haze is caused by water vapor in the air, which reflects the sky, which of course is blue, a cool color. So I knew that what I should do was let the painting dry and then scumble a thin veil of warm light over the trees and grass. The sunflowers already being warm yellows and oranges were picking up the sunlight and shining like burnished gold. Well I set the painting aside and got busy with other things. Then I had to pack up the studio because we were remodeling it and the painting got put in a box. Today I was sorting through boxes I came across this painting and remembered what I had planned to do. So onto the easel it went for finishing touches. Enjoy!

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