Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Perfect Pansy SOLD

One Perfect Pansy, 6"x6", oil

Pansies! Ya' gotta love'em with their smiling, cheerful "faces". As much as I love daffodils, trumpeting the arrival of spring I have to say that pansies rival them for a place in my gardeners heart. I think it's because pansies are the first flower I actually plant in the the garden and in pots around the yard. The daffys arrive as if by magic, pushing through the warming earth and last year's leaf litter all on their own. But pansies must be carefull selected at the nursery for the best colors and the happiest, friendliest grin. Then the fun really begins, getting my hands dirty filling up urns and plannters and digging in the flower borders. Suddenly, the garden is transformed from a sleeply brown blanket to a crazy quilt of patchwork colors, and it's all thanks to the little pansy.

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