Sunday, February 11, 2007

Little Falls ~ Daily Painting

Little Falls, 6x8, acrylic
$100, unframed, Free shipping in the US
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I'm continuing to have some fun with acrylics today. Actually, fun is a relative word here. Since I'm not as adept with acrylics as I am with oils there a good deal of time during the painting process when I'm frustrated or uncertain how to make the paint behave. That, however is also the "fun" part, experimenting, taking chances, trying new techniques, especially if they produce the results I'm looking for. One thing I have learned is that I prefer the "flow" acrylics. Which is exactly the oppoisite of what I would have expected. I thought I'd like the "heavy body" acrylics because they would be more like oils, but in reality they're not like oils , they are what they are...acrylics LOL As acrylics I like the thinner "flow" paints better and if I want some more body a dab of impasto gel does the trick. More experimenting to come....Enjoy!

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