Monday, January 22, 2007

Tall Trees- Daily Painting

Tall Trees, 6x8, oil
$100, unframed, Free shipping in the US
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Today I switched all the colors on my palette to a comnpletely new set. I thought it might be fun to shake things up a bit! Here they are.....unbleached titanium, warm gray, cool grey, indian yellow, burnt sienna, cerulean blue, cadmium red and rose lake, plus white. I generally resist using tube grays preferring to mix my own from what's on my palette. But today I decided to forget they were grays and treat them as full fledged colors, the cool gray standing in as a blue and the warm gray standing in as a yellow. It was very interesting to think like that and use both of these grays when mixing colors. Sopme very interesting colors emerged and I'm pleased with the result. Enjoy!

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