Friday, January 05, 2007

Rock in a Puddle

New Year's Greetings to all ! Though I took a short break from posting here I have been hard at work pushing some paint around! Actually, I'm beginning to fulfill a New Year's Resolution, to have 6-10 large paintings completed for an upcoming solo show in April. I needed this first week to get organized (well, sort of) and plan out my course of action. Planning is a good thing, however, as is usually the case, I get excited as I begin to brainstorm and usually have to begin or I lose that energy. I've already completed two paintings and am very pleased with both. Yesterday I took a break from the larger works and did some plein air painting. We've been having very warm temps in the 50's and 60's and I almost didn't get a parking space at the beach yesterday! This morning when I took the dog down to the beach someone was acutually inthe water!! Rock in a Puddle is very familiar to locals around here. This large boulder was deposited where it sits approximately 10,000 years ago by a melting glacier. A large temporary pond size "puddle" often fills a low lying area of marsh righ in front of the east pavillion at the local beach. We had a lot of heavy rain on New Year's day and the "puddle" was very full yesterday and provided endless amusement for the flocks of seagulls and ducks that congregated there. The "puddle" is edged with marsh grasses and the breeze off the water swept through them and they literally hummed like the reed of an ancient flute producing a variable and earthy song. Love being outdoors to paint! Enjoy!

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