Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice 2006

Winter Solstice 2006 6x8, oil
$100 unframed, Free shipping in the US
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Every year for the last couple of years I've painted on the Winter Solstice as a way to celebrate the day. I find a great deal of comfort and satisfaction in the rhythms and cycles of nature. Sunrise, sunset, winter into spring, spring into summer, summer into fall. The ebb and flow of tides, the migration of birds all are powerful reminders of the wisdom of creation. The winter solstice is a particular favorite of mine because it means that from here on out for the next six months the days will be getting longer. Imperceptibly so at first but by the equinox in March it will be very noticable and right around that time I'll be getting the itch to go out and poke around in the garden looking for signs of life LOL. What a great reminder at this time of year that darkness in our lives whether real or figurative only lasts for a season and that the light always returns triumphant. Happy Winter Solstice, wishing you light in your life to overcome any darkness you may face.

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