Thursday, December 28, 2006

Three Clementines

Three Clementines, 6x8, oil
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Three Clementines, aka a study in orange. Interior decorators and fashion designers simply hate the color orange. But I found it pleasant enough to work with this morning. Actually, this whole piece was an excuse to try out a new color I bought this week Indian Yellow, Gamblin's Indian Yellow to be precise. Indian Yellow is one of those colors that's naturally transparent and very deceptive when it comes out of the tube. Straight from the tube it looks for all the world like orange, ah but add a little white and you can create all kinds of delicious shades of peach, melon and tangerine. Add but a bit more white and you get brilliant sun drenched yellows add a bit of blue and you get burnt orange, caramel and dark amber . Ok now we're into the realm of latex interior paint colors....I'm currently looking forward to painting my upstairs living area something called toasted maple sugar LOL Anyway I tend to like transparent colors which do this kind of thing, Maimeri's Golden Lake in their Puro line is another such color....looks like honey straight from the tube but when you add white you get butter cream LOL Today's painting was done with a limited palette to give me the best opportunity to explore my new paint....a simple triad composed of Indian yellow, venetian red, ultramarine blue plus white seemed ideal to capture all the warmth. Enjoy!

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