Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day is Done


In this painting the day is nearly done and the sun is sinking fast over the flooded marsh. Overcast for most of the day, but with mild temperatures the sun breaking through at the end of the day was very dramatic. Sunsets always reinforce in my mind the artists sheer inadequacy at capturing the grandure of nature and sunlight in particular. When I was out there paintng this I was continully frustrated and disappointed that my paints couldn't even come close to capturing the brillance of the setting sun and yet when I brought the painting home, removed from the actual scene and intensity of the light, it seemed to adequately echo the memory of that breathtaking display. This small piece is painted on a Fabriano Tela oil painting paper. I have always liked the feel of a good paper but it's hard to find ones that will support the use of oil paints. This paper is especially made for oil painting and is guaranteed to be archival. It also has a texture that is designed to mimic fine linen. I was very skeptical about that but as it turns out, though it is not exactly like linen, it has a very pleasant texture to it. Another thing that I was worried about was the surface being too slick which is a comon problem with pads of "canvasette" type paper meant for oil painting. This paper starts out a bit slippery but as soon as you get just a thin layer of paint on it, it turns into a wonderful painting surface. It also seemed to me that the more layers of paint that went on the better the surface became. When this is dry I will mount it to hardboard to give it extra strength and support. Then it can be framed as you would any other oil painting without glass. On the otherhand I could also, if I chose, mat this and frame with glass like a watercolor. It's good to have choices. Enjoy!

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