Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daffodil Bulbs...$100, Free shipping

Daffodil Bulbs, 6x8, oil
$100, unframed, Free shipping in the US
To purchase contact:
Before I planted these and set them on the windowsill to grow I wanted to paint them. I like their shape, the earthiness of the color and the shagginess of their roots. I had them sitting on a table in front of a window and the morning light was pouring in behind them providing a lot of contrast, and contrast is exactly what they will provide when they are blooming on the windowsill against a backdrop of snow and freezing cold. Cheery daffodils will be a welcome site in my livingroom in the dead of winter. I may get inspired and do a number of paintings documenting their growth and bloom, look for them in the weeks and months ahead. Enjoy!

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