Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bittersweet and Oak Leaves

Bittersweet and Oak Leaves, 6x8, oil
$100, unframed, free shipping in the US
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This is what dominates my property right now on November 4th. Fallen oak leaves of different varieties that have dried and turned a mellow shade and bittersweet vines that festoon the trees and underbrush like a bejewled garland. Bittersweet is so colorful, the berries are enclosed in a sort of yellow shell, then the shell bursts open and folds back to reveal a bright orangey-red berry. As more and more leaves fall during November the bittersweet becomes more noticable against the grays and browns of the bare tree limbs. This is natures final decoration before the somber cloak of winter settles on the landscape.

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Lori said...

Its lovely Jan, I like the composition and colors. I am not familiar with bittersweet, it probably doesn't grow down here. The name sounds interesting, is it the taste or the fact that its nature's final decoration before winter's chill?