Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two Onions

Two Onions, 6x8, oil
$100, unframed, free shipping in the US
Tp Purchase contact: jan.blencowe@comcast.net
As I was getting ready to make some soup I decided that I should paint the onions first. I loved the colors, the golden yellow and the rich red-purple together. I was a slightly overcast day and the north light from the sliding glass doors created a perfect situation for settng them up as a still life. To me this is such a homey, kitchen painting, I can almost smell the soup that came later. Enjoy!


Simone of Art Critiques said...

I like your use of color and the fact that I can see the brushstrokes on your paintings.

Also, thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm sorry that I lost all my comments when my blog went kaput after I tried to be too clever with my limited html knowledge.

craigstephens said...

I love the spontaneity and palette of this on. Very nice!