Sunday, October 22, 2006

SOLD Treetops at Noon

Treetops at Noon, 6x8, oil
It looks as if "treetops" will become a small series. I am enjoying the challenge of simplifying all the thousands of colored leaves into a pleasing design that works visually and also captures the impression of treetops so the viewer knows what she's looking at. These little paintings are deceptively complex and need to be approached as a purely abstract pattern first getting color, value and shape orchestrated before any though goes into details like trunks and branches to make them look like trees. I'm very absorbed in the painting process when I'm working on these... painting very intuitively.....great feeling for an artist, in the "zone" as they say. Look for more of these to document the change as the season progresses. Enjoy!


Kris Shanks said...

Nice job on this one. I like your colors and the painterly way you've handled the trees. Looking forward to more!

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

love the spots of sky through the trees and the light on the leaves at the top of the tree. simple but very nice