Monday, October 02, 2006

Jack Be Little

Jack Be Little, 6x8, oil

Don't you just love these little minature pumpkins?? When my kids were little we used to grow them in our garden. Nowadays I just buy them at the farm stand. Pumpkins, like peaches, are wonderful to paint because of their glowing warm colors. That gives me a chance to push the surrounding colors the opposite way towards cool blues and greens. Artists call this a complementary color scheme. These opposite color families produce colors of different wave lengths which causes a vibration of sorts that your eye picks up. This kind of color tension is very visually rich and exciting. There's really a lot going on in this small simple painting. Enjoy!


Paintdancer said...

It may be simple, but it's simply beautiful!

Micah R. Condon said...

beautiful! I'm a big fan of pumpkins, as my parents have a pumpkin farm here in Colorado -