Thursday, May 25, 2006


Welcome to the Painting a Day Project ! Thank you for visiting. This project endeavors to select ordinary everyday objects from home and nature as the subject of a small format piece of fine art painting. It gives you a chance to take a second look at things that may otherwise go unnoticed and appreciate their potential as something beautiful and worthy of consideration, be it for its color, texture or form.

The paintings range in size from 5x7 to 8x10, with most being 6x8. They look wonderful hung in a grouping, so they make great collectibles. They are also small enough to fit on a table, desk, mantle or shelf. They are unframed, allowing you to frame according to your taste and decor needs.

Each painting is $100.00, shipping is free within the US. Please contact me with the name of the painting you'd like to purchase at I will e-mail you a PAYPAL invoice and you can pay securely with a credit card.

In spring 2006 I began a new project, A Flower a Day, featuring small format 6x8, oil paintings documenting the ever changing parade of blooms in my garden. This collection can be viewed at my
website or my on-line gallery.

To see new work fesh off the easel including plein air landscapes and to watch the Flower a Day progress day by day please visit my

Thanks for stopping by....enjoy the art!!


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summer said...

You have very nice artwork. It is very unique. The only problem customers might be having is finding that 6x8 frame. I just looked around before placing my order iwth you and found a site called they have a great selection with good prices.

Hope to see more paintings soon!